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Possibly the Most Important, Yet Most Forgotten Driverless Mode: the Driverless Shuttle!

The vast majority of the media regarding driverless vehicles is focused on passenger cars. The challenge with this mode is that people expect their personal vehicles to take them everywhere, which requires a Level 5, fully automated driverless vehicle. Right … Continue reading

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2017 CES Driverless Favorites and Reflections

While I was not able to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, I have greatly enjoyed following the buzz around it. Automakers and technology developers have been saving up their biggest headlines for this event. I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Are Driverless Shuttles Our Future?

As many already know, I strongly encourage vehicle and ride sharing (in general), but with the advent of driverless vehicles – I think vehicle and ride sharing will be vitally important for our society. For that reason, I have been … Continue reading

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Who is Developing Driverless Cars?

The most obvious answer to this question is Google, but they’re not alone.  In fact, just about every major auto maker has publicly announced when they plan to have driverless cars publicly available.  As shown here, the list is much … Continue reading

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