Lauren’s Publications

The state of autonomous vehicle technology seems likely to advance with or without legislative and agency actions at the federal level. However, the manner in which autonomous vehicle technologies progress and will eventually be implemented depends heavily on these efforts. Intelligent planning, meaningful vision, and regulatory action and reform are required.

“Preparing a Nation for Autonomous Vehicles, Opportunities, Barriers, and Policy Recommendations, ” Eno Center for Transportation

Driverless cars have the potential to change all aspects of mobility – from driver safety to car ownership to insurance to how Americans commute. It has the potential to disrupt both public and private transportation as we know it. As Google, automobile carmakers and other organizations pursue the development of the technology, it is vitally important that state and local governments establish policies and regulations that can encourage the investment in research and development of autonomous cars while still ensuring people’s safety. The intent of my research is to help city, state, and regional governments proactively respond to this potentially world-changing technological development.

Here are some of my most recent publications:

Here is my TEDx talk on driverless vehicles.

Here is a copy of the presentation I gave at the 2015 NARC Annual Conference.

Here is a copy of the poster I presented at the 2015 Automated Vehicles Symposium.

Here is an article included in Insights (the WSP PB corporate communication newsletter).

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