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What Companies are Best Suited to Operate AV Fleets?

As I stood in line waiting for my turn to sign the papers for my rental car, I was alarmed by the fact that this rental company (a reputable company, for the record!) was relying upon computers and software that … Continue reading

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Driverless Vehicles: Who’s Paying?

There are some amazing statistics regarding the lower operational costs driverless vehicles. Costs are likely to be reduced thanks to not paying for a driver/operator, less mechanical parts (so less wear and tear), electric power (likely) as opposed to gasoline, … Continue reading

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2017 CES Driverless Favorites and Reflections

While I was not able to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, I have greatly enjoyed following the buzz around it. Automakers and technology developers have been saving up their biggest headlines for this event. I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Do Driverless Vehicle Companies Need Permission to Operate on Public Roadways?

Chris Urmson, the former Google executive who once led the company’s self-driving car project, said “one of the great things about American innovation” was that if the law “doesn’t say you can’t do it, then you can.” (source)  Google is … Continue reading

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A Few More Thoughts on the Tesla Accident

Another day passes and another batch of articles have come out regarding the recent Tesla Autopilot accident. Last week’s blog by Steve Kuciemba highlighted the potential avoidance of this crash if connected vehicle technology had been involved. I have a … Continue reading

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Overlooked Driverless Car Obstacles

If you follow the news around driverless cars, the articles are constantly citing the key obstacles/challenges associated with driverless cars’ introduction to society. Standard obstacles cited include: technology readiness, cost of the vehicles/technology, government regulations, liability, privacy and data protections, … Continue reading

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Our Government’s Role in Communicating About Driverless Cars to the Public

Today, at the Northwest Transportation Conference, Jerri Bohard of the Oregon Department of Transportation asked me this question: “What, if anything, should the government be doing now to communicate with the public about driverless technology?” Great question!  Upon reflection, here … Continue reading

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Driverless Cars and the Weather

I’m very curious to see how weather plays a role in how soon driverless cars will become publicly available. As we all know, driving a car on a beautiful sunny day is very different than driving through fog or on … Continue reading

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Industries’ Response to Driverless Cars

I continue to be fascinated by various industries’ response to driverless cars. Reactions range from “They’re coming soon – we need to adjust our business model now” to “Don’t be fooled – they aren’t coming any time soon!” The media often … Continue reading

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The Driverless Cars Battles

The last couple of months has been amazing for driverless car junkies/nerds (myself included). There have been non-stop press releases around the innovations, government funding, and new partners. Some highlights: The U.S. Department of Transportation is proposing to spend $4 … Continue reading

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