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AV Pilots: Policy, Funding, and Partnerships are Happening!

Pilots, pilots, and more pilots!  This is an exciting time in the driverless vehicle world because we’re starting to see Level 3 and 4 automated vehicles being piloted in many different settings around the world (e.g., Japan, Pittsburgh, Singapore, and … Continue reading

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Federal Policy for Driverless Vehicles Were Just Released….and They Were Worth the Wait!

After months of build-up, the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) released its Federal Autonomous Vehicles Policy. It turns out the hype was merited. As stated in NHTSA’s press release, this 116-document “sets a proactive approach to providing safety assurance … Continue reading

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Do Driverless Vehicle Companies Need Permission to Operate on Public Roadways?

Chris Urmson, the former Google executive who once led the company’s self-driving car project, said “one of the great things about American innovation” was that if the law “doesn’t say you can’t do it, then you can.” (source)  Google is … Continue reading

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Federal Government Involvement in Driverless Cars

It has been an exciting few months for driverless cars…and not just because of technological advancements!  The Federal Government has been giving driverless cars a lot of attention: The United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) recently issued a “Smart … Continue reading

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Will Driverless Cars be Connected?

After attending a couple of industry events, I’m now convinced that the industry is completely confused about the relationship between driverless and connected vehicles.  For this reason, I thought I’d start this blog post with some definitions. Driverless Cars: NHTSA … Continue reading

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