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Driverless Vehicles for Kids?

As someone who is imminently expecting to deliver my first child, I often think about what driverless vehicles will mean for the transportation of children. I know that parents everywhere are dreaming of the day when they don’t have to … Continue reading

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When are Driverless Vehicles REALLY Coming?!

Well obviously it depends on who you ask. And it depends on what you mean by “driverless!” As stated in this Wall Street Journal article headline, the “self-driving hype doesn’t reflect reality.” Over the last year, we have seen the … Continue reading

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To Share or Not to Share?

In recent months, there have been many news articles regarding the introduction of a new transportation mode: microtransit.  If there was a transportation mode spectrum between large, fixed route buses and single occupancy vehicles, microtransit would fall somewhere in-between. Mictrotransit … Continue reading

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