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Driverless Cars and Speed Limits

How fast should driverless cars be allowed to drive?  Driverless cars are programmed to travel at the designated speed limits on our roads. This makes complete logical sense; however, the reality is that this is a lot slower than most … Continue reading

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My First Experience in a Driverless Car

Someone who read my last blog pointed out that I could have gone into a little more detail regarding my experience actually riding in a driverless car. Fair point…it was a big deal!! Bosch, the world’s largest automobile supplier, was … Continue reading

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Driverless Cars and Some Definitional Challenges

I just got back from the Automated Vehicles Symposium in Detroit last week. The conference was extremely impressive – reflecting the latest and greatest from AV and CV technology developers, academic folks studying human factors and ethics, government officials testing … Continue reading

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