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Driverless Vehicle Ethics – Should We Care?

I think I’ve avoided this topic long enough. The types of questions the industry is often faced with are: How will the vehicle decide who to kill: the driver or other people? And will the vehicle have knowledge to make … Continue reading

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AV Pilots: Policy, Funding, and Partnerships are Happening!

Pilots, pilots, and more pilots!  This is an exciting time in the driverless vehicle world because we’re starting to see Level 3 and 4 automated vehicles being piloted in many different settings around the world (e.g., Japan, Pittsburgh, Singapore, and … Continue reading

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How Driverless Vehicles Could Impact Parking

“We have significant parking demands today, but should we invest in a parking structure that may not be needed in a few years?” “Will we need all of the parking that we have today?”  “How can we make sure driverless … Continue reading

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My Wedding Chariot:A Driverless Vehicle?

30 days to go until my Yosemite wedding! Driverless vehicle suppliers – Can you help make my dream come true? If you have any ideas/suggestions – please email me at!  

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A Few More Thoughts on the Tesla Accident

Another day passes and another batch of articles have come out regarding the recent Tesla Autopilot accident. Last week’s blog by Steve Kuciemba highlighted the potential avoidance of this crash if connected vehicle technology had been involved. I have a … Continue reading

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Besides Personal Travel, How Can Driverless Technology be Used?

Clearly, the media outlets are most excited about the ability to move people, but there are so many other applications to consider! The freight industry is (understandably) excited about the potential for applying both connected technology (e.g., platooning) and autonomous … Continue reading

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TEDx Talk is Posted

I’m happy to share the video of my TEDx talk here. It was pretty nerve-racking to memorize the 15-minute talk and present it to a live 2,000 person audience with cameras, but I lived to tell the tale….and now share it! … Continue reading

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