My Wedding Chariot:A Driverless Vehicle?

30 days to go until my Yosemite wedding! Driverless vehicle suppliers – Can you help make my dream come true?

google wedding car

If you have any ideas/suggestions – please email me at!


About Lauren Isaac

Lauren Isaac is the Director of Business Initiatives for the North American operation of EasyMile. Easymile provides electric, driverless shuttles that are designed to cover short distances in multi-use environments. Prior to working at EasyMile, Lauren worked at WSP where she was involved in various projects involving advanced technologies that can improve mobility in cities. Lauren wrote a guide titled “Driving Towards Driverless: A Guide for Government Agencies” regarding how local and regional governments should respond to autonomous vehicles in the short, medium, and long term. In addition, Lauren maintains the blog, “Driving Towards Driverless”, and has presented on this topic at more than 75 industry conferences. She recently did a TEDx Talk, and has been published in Forbes and the Chicago Tribune among other publications.
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2 Responses to My Wedding Chariot:A Driverless Vehicle?

  1. Sheryl Gross-Glaser says:

    First, congratulations! Second, I would imagine that you have some pretty good contacts in the driverless industry. This would be great PR for a company to either supply a driverless vehicle or give you a system to attach to your own car(such as or Nvidia). Another idea would be to rent an Olli or BestMile shuttle, though I highly doubt either company would be willing at this point to do such a thing, especially in a state that has not demonstrated any allowance or enthusiasm for driverless transportation. A completely impractical idea would be at the last minute to reschedule the wedding to be right by an driverless pilot program that is open to the public. Or convince someone at GoMomentum or another test track to allow you to both have the wedding there and allow you to ride one of the driverless vehicles. That is also not a practical solution. One more impractical idea would be to take a driverless tractor at or near your wedding.

    Have a lovely wedding and best wishes!


    • Lauren Isaac says:

      Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment (and the congrats!). Believe it or not, I’ve had a couple of companies come close to making it happen. As I told my fiance, we’re getting married one year too early for the AV world! It’ll still be a magical day…. we’ll just incorporate driverless vehicles into our one or two year anniversaries! Thanks again!


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