TEDx Talk is Posted

I’m happy to share the video of my TEDx talk here. It was pretty nerve-racking to memorize the 15-minute talk and present it to a live 2,000 person audience with cameras, but I lived to tell the tale….and now share it!  Enjoy…. and let me know if you have any feedback!

Also, as I mention at the end of the talk, I’d love for nothing more than to have driverless cars at my wedding in September – a true celebration of this amazing technological advancement!  Contact me if you can help make that happen!

About Lauren Isaac

I am the Manager of Transportation Sustainability at Parsons Brinckerhoff. Recently, I won the William Barclay Parsons fellowship for my research proposal to study how the United States government should respond to driverless cars. As I'm working on my research, I thought this blog would help to disseminate my findings and provide a forum for feedback.
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